Towing Capacity: What Is It And How It Affects Your Car

It is normal to experience the urge of helping out a friend whose car has broken down and is in dire need of some towing. After all, the process is simple and it won't take much of your time to connect your two cars with a rope, or a tow bar. But did you know that your car is at risk of suffering from extreme damages if you pull too much weight with the car? That's right. You shouldn't pull weight that exceeds your car's towing capacity. It doesn't matter what type of load you are pulling. As long as the weight is excess, it can destroy your car and incur unwanted expenses in repairs.

What Is Towing Capacity?

It is the maximum weight that your car can pull. This weight constitutes the weight of the pulled car or trailer, the weight of your car, and everything inside the two cars. You can find your car's towing capacity ratings in the car's manual. These ratings are carefully constructed with several factors in mind. Some of them include your car's structure, its chassis and suspension design, its engine type, its tire ratings, and its hitch design.

What Are The Dangers Of Exceeding The Towing Capacity?

By pulling more weight than required, you risk damaging your car's transmission system. The excess weight causes the transmission system of your car to overwork. As a result, excess heat energy is created. This energy interferes with the working of the transmission fluid by breaking it down. In this state, the fluid can no longer lubricate the moving and rotating parts of the transmission system. At some point, the transmission system will have no choice but to stop working due to lack of proper lubrication.

Is There Anything You Can Do To Prevent The Damages?

The best option is to avoid pulling excess weight in the first place. Another option is to have a transmission oil cooler installed in your vehicle. Keep in mind that the position you install the cooler determines its effectiveness. For the best results, it is better to place it in front of your car's radiator to give the inbuilt cooler some boost.  The transmission fluid can then pass through the extra cooler before entering into the transmission system. This way, it will be hard for the fluid to break down, and hence, the transmission will be properly lubricated.

Another measure is to install a weight-distributing pitch. Its purpose is to distribute weight among your vehicle's coach wheels and therefore increase the vehicle's ability to tow.