Three Crucial Questions to Ask Car Dealerships When Buying Used Cars

Buying used cars is the alternative option for many people seeking a car that is satisfactory in application but does not cost as much as a new car. Many people have been successful in buying used cars and continue to enjoy their purchase. A great number of people, on the other hand, have been disappointed by the used car they bought after the purchase. This is mainly due to them not being adequately prepared for the process of buying used cars.

Make regular checks and ensure that the used car you are buying is genuine and fully functional; there are three additional questions that you could pose to the dealership to ensure the used cars you are buying are an even better deal.

Has the dealer performed any servicing on the used car since acquiring it?

Used cars dealerships always leave everything, from servicing to fixing parts after purchase, to the buyer. It is, therefore, important to know if you will be required to incur an extra cost in servicing or fixing the used car after you have purchased it. This is crucial. Most people end up with servicing and repair costs that are larger than they had anticipated. Ask the dealer to provide detailed service records from the mechanics they used and the contacts of these mechanics if they indeed serviced the cars. These will be important in saving you money and may be used as proof if you feel like going after the costs you incurred had they not been honest about servicing.

If the dealership does not service used cars, use this fact to lower the bargain to your favour, citing the possible need to service the car after purchase.

What equipment can be thrown in by the dealer to sweeten the purchase?

Most used cars dealerships always try to make the deal seem sweet and, therefore, give add-on equipment. Others are simply customer friendly and will give these niceties. The key lies in asking. Many will not even mention such gifts if you do not seem remotely interested. Used cars dealers can offer gifts such as new tyres, new car accessories and even servicing offers. You stand to save on whatever they offer given that you are buying a used car and at some point you will need to incur these costs.

How long are you allowed to take a test drive?

Many dealers offer more time for a test drive than customers think. Getting caught up in the anxiety of returning the car to the dealer might make you forget some crucial aspects to check. Instead have an agreement on writing about the maximum mileage you are to put on the car, the amount of fuel you will return it with and more details. This way you can even keep the car overnight for a test drive and fully explore its condition! Click here for more information.