Hot Stuff: Steps You Can Take to Keep Your Car's Transmission Cool

The transmission system is a key component of your car. Excess heat can damage the transmission on your vehicle. Below is a guide to some preventable measures which will help to prevent your car's transmission from overheating. Common causes of overheating include: Overloading your vehicle Towing another vehicle Driving over steep terrain And here are some preventative measures you can take. Install a Higher Capacity Oil Pan Oil helps to remove heat from the transmission system.

How to Investigate Transmission Problems

Your car's transmission is probably the most complex system in the whole vehicle and comes under the most pressure. Not surprisingly, therefore, it can cause issues over time, especially if you haven't kept up with the overall maintenance schedule. Because the transmission system is made up of so many different components it can be challenging to determine where that strange sound is coming from and what part actually needs attention. How can you start to figure out what's going wrong?

Noticing a Strange Smell Coming from Your Car? What Could It Be?

If you've noticed a strange smell when you are in or around your car, you will likely be worried that something is wrong. While you look up the number for your mechanic, it helps to gather some information in order to help them pinpoint the issue. What should you suspect with these different types of smell? Sweet If you notice a very "sweet" smell, this could be caused by one of these issues.

Hiring a Ute: Five Tips for Protecting the Bed From Damage

Hiring a ute is a great option if you need to move a piece of furniture, some building supplies or anything else. However, while you have the ute, you want to make sure that you don't damage it. Wondering what steps you should take? Check out these ideas: 1. Note damage before hiring the ute. Before taking a hired ute, look it over carefully for damage. That includes anything from a dented bumper to scratches in the bed.

Key Factors to Consider When Buying a Nudge Bar for Your Vehicle

You don't have to be an off-road fanatic or contractor to have a nudge bar installed on your vehicle. Collision with other vehicles, trees, objects, or even a stray animal can cause significant damage to the front of your car. It is for this reason that you should invest in a nudge bar to shield the vital components of the vehicle such as the bumper, grille, and headlights. In addition to acting as a protective add-on, the bar also improves the car's aesthetics and gives it a stylish and sturdier look.

Transmission Failures: Why City Dwellers Need to Be More Watchful

Transmission problems can be very expensive to fix. Car owners need to know the warning signs of transmission problems so that any defect can be fixed before it grows into a major problem. This article discusses why you should be more alert for signs of transmission problems if you live or work in a city. Short Driving Distances People who live or work in busy cities rarely drive over long distances.

Services You Can Get From A Heavy Machinery Transport Company

As the owner of a construction company, there will come a time when you need to transport heavy-duty equipment across long distances in order to access a worksite. For these occasions, you must contract with a heavy machinery transport company which specializes in this type of work. But these companies don't just haul your machinery, they also provide other key services that can add value to your business.  MACHINERY TRANSPORT & TOWING

The Pros and Cons of Powder Coating Custom Automotive Parts

Are you a car enthusiast who is considering fabricating custom parts for your vintage car? Read on and discover some of the pros and cons of powder coating those custom-made car parts. The Pros Powder coating may be a better option when compared to using liquid paint on your custom auto parts for several reasons. First, powder coating gives car parts a strong protective layer that can resist physical damage such as chipping and scratching.

Is Your Car Trying To Warn You About Transmission Trouble?

One of the more crucial systems in your vehicle is its transmission. This largely due to the fact that is comprises a myriad of complex components that need to work in tandem to facilitate the running of your vehicle. Leaving transmission problems to go unchecked can affect different aspects of your vehicle, such as the engine, the brakes and more. If your car is having transmission trouble, it will develop some symptoms.

5 Signs You Are Low on Brake Fluid

A lack of brake fluid can be a serious problem; if left unchecked, it can leave you without the proper means to bring your vehicle to a stop, and that can be disastrous. Luckily, there are several signs that can indicate an inadequate supply. Here are just five.   1. Your Braking Efficiency Suffers If there isn't enough brake fluid within the system, it won't have enough pressure to stop the vehicle as efficiently as before.