Transmission Failures: Why City Dwellers Need to Be More Watchful

Transmission problems can be very expensive to fix. Car owners need to know the warning signs of transmission problems so that any defect can be fixed before it grows into a major problem. This article discusses why you should be more alert for signs of transmission problems if you live or work in a city.

Short Driving Distances

People who live or work in busy cities rarely drive over long distances. For instance, many just drive from their homes to the office. The short commutes may at times involve driving in slow-moving traffic, such as during the evening rush hour. Such short driving distances may not allow the car's cooling system to function effectively. This is because the radiator is unable to dissipate the heat from the engine quickly because the slow-moving car isn't allowing air to be pushed into the radiator maximally. Consequently, heat will build up around the engine. That heat can cause the hoses transporting transmission fluid to wear out quickly. Slow leaks may result once the hoses crack due to heat stress. Such leaks will gradually damage the transmission system if they are not detected and fixed quickly.

Higher Ambient Temperatures

Cities are usually hotter than rural areas. This is because cities are dominated by manmade structures, such as paved roads and concrete buildings. Such structures retain the heat that they absorb during the day for long. The higher ambient temperature caused by this retained heat may have negative effects on your car's transmission system. For instance, the high temperature may cause the transmission fluid to evaporate at a higher rate than it would have evaporated if the temperature were lower. Thus, you need to monitor the fluid level closely so that it does not go so low that the transmission system is damaged.

Frequent Braking

People in cities use their cars' brakes more frequently than those driving in rural areas do. This is because city dwellers frequently stop at traffic lights and keep slowing down as they drive when traffic is heavy on the city roads. The transmission system keeps adjusting the pressure within the fluid lines in order to respond to that frequent braking. This can cause several components, such as the transmission band, to wear out quickly. Additional problems, such as fluid leaks, may develop if those worn parts are not replaced quickly.

Driving in the city puts a bigger strain on your car's transmission system. You should therefore watch out for warning signs, such as slipped gears, so that any developing problem is addressed before it causes the entire transmission system to fail. For more information on car parts, such as subaru parts, contact a local professional.