Hiring a Ute: Five Tips for Protecting the Bed From Damage

Hiring a ute is a great option if you need to move a piece of furniture, some building supplies or anything else. However, while you have the ute, you want to make sure that you don't damage it. Wondering what steps you should take? Check out these ideas:

1. Note damage before hiring the ute.

Before taking a hired ute, look it over carefully for damage. That includes anything from a dented bumper to scratches in the bed. Note the damage and let the hire company know. If possible, document the damage with photographs, that prevents the hire company from holding you responsible for damage you didn't cause.

2. Hire a ute with a bed liner.

In addition to noting damage, you should also try to hire a ute that is relatively resistant to damage. In particular, look for a ute with a built-in bed liner. These plastic liners allow you to haul timber and items with relatively sharp edges without worrying about the bed of the ute getting scratched.

3. Wrap items in moving blankets.

If you cannot find a ute with a bedliner, consider protecting the ute with moving blankets. Simply wrap these heavy blankets around whatever you are transporting to stop the corners from rubbing off the paint of the ute's bed. You can hire or buy moving blankets from most removals companies.

If lieu of that, consider using regular old duvets or old foam mattress toppers. For large objects that you cannot wrap anything around, you can minimise damage from the corners by simply making a small foam corner cap to place on the corners. A bit of foam and some tape is all you need to cover corners. Finally, placing flat cardboard boxes on the bed of the ute can also help to protect it.

4. Use ramps to prevent sliding.

If you are lifting heavy things into the bed of the ute and sliding them into place, that can increase the risk of scratches to the bed of the ute. To prevent that, consider hiring a ramp for the ute. That way, you can walk up the ramp and gently place your item in the ute instead of hoisting and sliding it in.

5. Book extra damage insurance.

Finally, in some cases, damage is just inevitable. To protect yourself, talk with the hire company about extra damage insurance. Most vehicle hire companies offer a range of insurance so that if anything happens to the vehicle you don't incur any additional expenses.

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