Services You Can Get From A Heavy Machinery Transport Company

As the owner of a construction company, there will come a time when you need to transport heavy-duty equipment across long distances in order to access a worksite. For these occasions, you must contract with a heavy machinery transport company which specializes in this type of work. But these companies don't just haul your machinery, they also provide other key services that can add value to your business. 


A heavy machinery transport company will transport working equipment  from one project site to another, or from one Territory to another. Heavy machine transport companies use super trailers, step deck trailers, roll off trailers with winches, lowboy trailers, and flatbed trailers to haul heavy machinery. But these companies can also tow equipment such as  elevated work platforms, lifting platforms, booms, man lifts and forklifts. There's almost no piece of machinery involved in construction that a machine transport company can't handle. Some heavy machine transport companies also offer cash buyouts for equipment or machinery that has been declared a total insurance loss, as these can be rebuilt or sold for parts.

If your construction machine such as a tractor or excavator is involved in a work site accident, a heavy machine transport company can either transport the vehicle to a heavy machinery garage for repair, or take the machine to a salvage yard. Construction site accidents happen all the time, and they can delay the efficiency of your work process, which makes it important to have a reliable heavy equipment transport company that can get the job done in a quick and safe manner. One of the most common construction site accidents occurs when a piece of equipment overturns or rolls over. Nearly all heavy machine transport companies have day and night service that can handle emergency situations, and send a transport truck to an accident site.


Heavy machine transport companies also offer repair services with trained mechanics that specialize in heavy machinery and heavy equipment. Many of these repair shops are fully stocked with the most up-to-date computer diagnostics, and a plentiful inventory of parts that can shorten the downtime of your equipment, and get it back to the worksite as quickly as possible. Some of the machinery-specific issues that these repair shops can handle include steel fabrication, welding, motor vibration, chassis rebuilds, bucket repairs, and truck body rebuilds. They can also perform heavy vehicle inspections, pressure washing, equipment overhauls, equipment fit-outs, and safety checks on all machinery.