Is Your Car Trying To Warn You About Transmission Trouble?

One of the more crucial systems in your vehicle is its transmission. This largely due to the fact that is comprises a myriad of complex components that need to work in tandem to facilitate the running of your vehicle. Leaving transmission problems to go unchecked can affect different aspects of your vehicle, such as the engine, the brakes and more. If your car is having transmission trouble, it will develop some symptoms. Here are some of the signs of impending automatic transmission repairs.

Strange leaks from your vehicle. 

One of the most common signs of impending transmission trouble is leaking transmission fluid. The best way to detect this would be to check the ground after your car has been parked. Transmission fluid is typically a bright red in colour. If you notice drops of this fluid on your driveway, then it is best to take your vehicle for a car service posthaste. This fluid is not supposed to be burnt off when driving your vehicle as motor oil would. As such, gradually decreasing levels of transmission fluid usually indicates that your car has sprung up a leak. Some of the reasons why your transmission fluid may begin leaking include:

  • Recent tampering with cooler lines connecting to either the transmission's flush or the vehicle's radiator. If the cooler lines are not attached tightly, transmission fluid will start leaking from them.
  • Gaskets and seals succumbing to wear and tear.
  • Bell housings that have acquired damage over time
  • A drive shaft that has become imbalanced
  • Vehicle axles that have started to wear down

Strange odours emanating from your vehicle.

Transmission fluid is typically sweet smelling. If you begin experiencing strange burning odours when driving your car, chances are your transmission fluid has become compromised. Transmission fluid facilitates the working of various movable components in your vehicle by keeping them well lubricated. When your transmission fluid begins burning, it means that that these components are not at risk of overheating. The smell of burning transmission fluid should be addressed as soon as possible as it could lead to the complete malfunction and disrepair of these internal components.

Strange sounds emanating from your vehicle.

When shifting gears and driving your vehicle, your transmission will typically operate inaudibly.  When you start to notice strange sounds such as buzzing or humming whenever you are driving your car, chances are there is something wrong with the transmission fluid. These strange noises may also be accompanied with sudden shimmying of your vehicle whenever you are trying to change gears.