New Smash Repair Owners—Are You Aware of Traffic Accident Reporting Changes?

As the owner of a smash repair business that has tow trucks, you will be interested to know that changes have been made to New South Wales traffic accident reporting rules. These changes mean that you can move a damaged car away from an accident scene much quicker than before. Here are the main points that you need to know.

What Has Changed?

Starting from 15 October, 2014, the reasons to contact the police when an accident occurs have reduced. The three main reasons a driver now has to let the police know that they have been involved in a fender bender are:

  1. If someone has been injured in the accident.
  2. If the other driver has left the accident scene without providing their details.
  3. If one of the drivers appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Why Has the Change Been Made?

Previously, vehicles could not be moved from the accident scene until the police arrived. This could be quite a wait if the police were attending to other matters. The change in accident reporting means that towing companies could remove the damaged vehicles from the accident scene faster.

This change will reduce the amount of time other motorists are inconvenienced while damaged cars remain on the scene. As soon as driver details have been exchanged, your tow truck drivers can remove the damaged cars and take them to locations such as Dandy Smash Repairs.

What Do Your Tow Truck Drivers Need to Know?

Make sure that your drivers are aware of the three reasons why police need to be notified to attend an accident scene. While the responsibility to notify the police rests with the two drivers, if your employee thinks that one of the drivers is drunk or drugged then they are encouraged to make the phone call themselves.

Provide each of your tow truck drivers with a copy of the New South Wales "What to Do After a Car Crash" flowchart. This diagram is easy to follow, and can be used as a visual aid for those drivers who are unaware of the reporting changes.

This change in traffic accident reporting is a positive for your business. The faster your tow trucks can remove cars from a scene, the more jobs they will be able to do each day. Make sure that all of your drivers are told about this change in the rules so that they can pass the information on to drivers at accident scenes.