Get Your Car Air Conditioner Serviced Before Summer

If your car's air conditioner just isn't cooling you down like it used to, now is the time to think about getting it serviced, repaired or replaced. Look at some of the top reasons to have your air conditioner running at optimum efficiency over summer, beyond just keeping you cool on the road.

Air Conditioner Efficiency

Is your air conditioner taking too long to cool down or not getting the car cool enough? There could be several reasons why your air conditioner isn't working as efficiently as it once did. There may be a leak in a hose, an outside air flap might not be closing fully, it may be low on refrigerant or there could be issues with your compressor, condenser, radiator fan or coolant valve.

Having your air conditioner fully serviced will help you diagnose any issues causing inefficiency, which is a job best done by your local professional auto electrician. Whether the problem is as simple as recharging the gas in the system or replacing parts, the value and comfort of having efficient air conditioning in your vehicle will far outweigh the service and repair costs.

Fuel Efficiency

An inefficient air conditioner labouring to cool your car down while competing with sweltering summer temperatures will chew through your petrol in no time. As the engine works harder and harder to run the air conditioner, more fuel is consumed to meet the increasing demands on engine power.

If the cause of your air conditioner's inefficiency is that your compressor needs to be repaired or replaced, this could also be adding to the demands on your engine and causing increased fuel consumption. If you've noticed a marked increase in fuel consumption, a full air conditioner service is highly recommended.

Healthy Airflow

Have you noticed a bad odour or funny smell emitted from your car's air conditioning vents? Or maybe your allergies play up every time you switch the air conditioner on? Over time, your air conditioner evaporator unit attracts dirt, grime, and the growth of bacteria, mould and fungi. This may result in increased allergens circulating your cabin when you switch the air on, and many people naturally have reactions like irritated eyes, skin, nose and symptoms that mimic hay fever.

Your local auto electrician can give your air conditioner a full clean and deodorisation as part of the service, removing allergens and other microorganisms. A full antibacterial sanitisation of your air conditioner's evaporator unit will leave your air fresher than ever and keep your allergies at bay.

Prevent Further Mechanical Problems

As is often the case with serviceable elements of a vehicle, regular servicing is recommended not only to maintain the efficiency of the air conditioner, but to prevent issues from worsening or causing mechanical problems in other areas of the vehicle. An inefficient air conditioner unit can cause your compressor to wear out quickly, which will increase the pressure on your engine to perform.

A systematic yearly servicing of your vehicle's air conditioner can identify issues before they become significant mechanical issues, which will ultimately save you both the inconvenience and financial burden of major vehicle repairs.

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