3 Tips for Planning Bus Trips for Seniors

Today's senior citizens aren't like seniors of former generations.  Not all seniors are staying at home; some are getting out and being active, and enjoying a variety of activities. In fact, many communities for seniors offer all kinds of activities, including travel opportunities via bus trips.

These excursions can be day trips, or extended vacations. If you are an entertainment/activities coordinator at a senior living community, you may want to consider planning a contacting a bus hire company to rent a bus that will accommodate residents and caregivers who are taking the trip. Here are some tips to help you plan a trip that everyone will enjoy.

Choose a Location

The first thing to do when planning a trip for seniors is to choose a location to travel to. A good way to choose is to have a meeting with the residents, and ask them where they would like to go. You can take the various ideas, then let them vote on their favorite.

Things to keep in mind when choosing locations include distance, amenities, and activities. Once you have chosen the location and settled on the trip duration, it is time to reserve accommodations (if needed) and start planning activities—things to do en route and when the group arrives at the selected destination.

Hire a Bus

Now that you have decided to do a bus trip, and you have a destination chosen, it is time to start planning the details. Before you can contact the bus hire agency, you will need to have as many details nailed down as possible. For instance, you will need to be able to tell them when the trip will be, how many days the trip will be, and the destination.

If any special services are needed, such as lifts for wheelchairs, it is important to discuss this with the bus hire agency to make sure that you get a bus that will accommodate the needs of all who are traveling. Ask services such as Pegasus Coach Tours if they offer discounts for seniors, or if you can get a good deal on a group rate.

Plan Activities

It is up to you to plan all of the activities. Not only will you need to plan things to do when you reach the destination, but also activities to keep everyone occupied while on the bus. Activities must be suited to those who are traveling. While on the bus, you can keep the travellers entertained with board games, movies, and tour guides that talk about the area they are driving through.

Destination activities can include shopping, walking tours, other tours, Bingo, visiting casinos, and much more. Ask the travelers what they want to do, and plan the activities according to what they enjoy doing.