Why Does Your Car Need to be Serviced?

For many people, car services are an expensive hassle, and while it may come as no surprise that there is some kind of logic behind their necessity, the reasons you need to get a service are interesting and diverse.

The Basics

A car service is detailed process, which can involve 50 or more component or system checks. Your standard service involves the replacement of hydraulic fluids (which otherwise can corrode the system from inside); checking for dangerous leaks; inspecting the battery, brake pads, steering and suspension; surveying of the level of tire tread; and replacing the coolant. The combined effect of all these checks is that the car's vital fluids will be fresh and at their correct levels, and any problems with individual parts will be caught before they can do any further damage.

The Advantages

The thoroughness of the check yields many benefits in terms of improving safety, extending the life of the vehicle, and assisting in legal or bureaucratic matters, like maintaining the validity of the warranty and insurability of the car. The main advantages of summarised below.

  • If your car is in good working order, then it can be expected to last longer. For example, the oil in a vehicle coagulates over time, and when this happens, the engine is not properly lubricated, and is more likely to break down. It would not be unreasonable, then, that you would want coagulated oil to be replaced, which is what the service is for.
  • When your wheel alignment, suspension and so on is in good condition, then your tyres wear down less quickly, saving you money in the long run.
  • Cars which are operating properly consume less fuel, leading to further savings.
  • Vehicle warranties often demand that you must get a regular service every 10,000 or 15,000 kms otherwise the warranty is voided, so missing a service can wind up being a costly mistake in the event of a lemon, an accident, and so on.
  • You can also have an insurance claim denied if you did not get your vehicle serviced at the proper intervals.
  • A serviced car is less prone to breakdowns.
  • A car in good condition is more safe on the roads.
  • Finally, cars with a complete service history are worth more when you sell them.

Though sometimes inconvenient, a car service yields many advantages, including prolonging the life of the car and its parts, reducing the cost of fuel, ensuring the safety of the passengers, and maintaining the resale value of the car. Perhaps your next service will prove less frustrating if you know the many good reasons for it. Talk to car servicing professionals such as Chatswood Brake & Clutch to learn more about how they can assist you.