8 Important Tips When Renting a Car

If you are planning on renting a car, it's worth knowing a little bit about what to expect since car rentals can quickly become expensive endeavors if you are not aware of the risks.

Avoid Renting a Car at the Airport

Most often, airport branches for car rentals are considerably more expensive than other branches. Cheaper branches are usually located on the outskirts of towns and cities.

Ask For an All-Inclusive Price

When choosing a rental provider, ask about an all-inclusive price. Usually, this will include insurance, any compulsory fees and charges, and sometimes a set amount of kilometers.

Be Aware of Your Liability Costs

Before renting any vehicle, ensure that you are aware of the costs that you will be liable for if any damage occurs. Often, this will be called liability cost, damage excess, or collision waiver. Usually, you will be asked to provide a deposit using a credit or debit card. If damage does occur, the excess amount will be subtracted from your deposit. 

Examine the Car Carefully

Before setting off, it's crucial that you inspect the car both inside and out. Typically, the car rental agent will inspect the car with you, noting down any existing damage. If you have a digital camera to hand, it might be worth photographing any serious signs of damage as you don't want to be liable for any damage that's already there.

Return the Car on Time

Returning the car on time means you will avoid any additional charges. In some cases, rental companies will charge you for an entire extra day if you return the car late. Check the specific drop-off deadline for the specific branch where you intend to return the vehicle.

Obey the Rules of the Road

Remember that you will be held liable for any traffic violations. If you are caught speeding in the rental vehicle, for example, the fine will be sent to the rental company and you might also be charged an administration fee.

Have the Provider's Phone Number To Hand

Ensure that you have the rental company's phone number just in case you need to contact them if you experience any problems while on the road.

Petrol Stations

If you're renting a car in an unknown area, it's worth researching the locations of several petrol stations, instead of relying on the rental company to fill up the tank, which usually is more expensive.   

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