Is it possible to get your own car out of the mud?

When you are driving in the mud, you risk getting stuck with seemingly no way to get out. The worst thing you can do is keep trying to press on the gas harder and hope you will get out. This only causes you to get even more stuck into the mud. Here are some tips for attempting to get yourself out of mud.

Apply the Gas Gently

You don't want to press your foot on the gas hard and keep it there, otherwise you could spin your tires into the mud, digging into it even further. Instead, just press very lightly on the gas to gently accelerate. If your car does not move at all, stop immediately before you worsen the problem. If you have a manual transmission, you can also try setting it to a higher gear before accelerating, and letting the clutch out a little, trying to slowly move forward out of the mud.

Put Cardboard Under the Tires

The next thing you can do to get out of the mud is give your tires something to drive over by giving them traction. The easiest thing to do is often to put pieces of cardboard underneath or just in front of the tires. If you don't have that in your vehicle, try the floor mats of the vehicle, sticks, or sand. Even an old blanket might be used as traction. You just want something you can drive over so that when you accelerate, your tires don't keep spinning into the mud.

Rock Back and Forth

You may also be able to get out of the mud by trying the rocking method. This takes a little while longer, but might prevent you from having to call for help. To do the rocking motion, first put your vehicle drive, then step on the gas for just a couple seconds, before putting on your brakes. Now put it in reverse and do the same thing. Keep going back and forth between drive and reverse to see if your vehicle gradually gets out of the mud through the rocking motion.

Ask for Help

If these methods don't work, it is likely time to ask for help. If you have a friend nearby, they might be able to hook up to your vehicle's hitch and pull you out. However, if you are not experienced at doing this, it might be best to just call a tow truck. For more information, contact a company like Dickies.