Questions to Ask Before Chartering a Bus for a Long Trip

Chartering a bus for any type of long trip can mean spending time with your group and not worrying about managing the drive yourself. A bus can also be more comfortable for everyone, provide Wi-Fi for checking emails, and ensure that everyone in your group stays together and no one gets lost or left behind. When you're ready to charter a bus for a long trip, note a few question to ask the bus hire company (like Myaree Car Hire) so you know you make the right choice and know what to expect.

1. Ask if the cost includes tolls and parking fees

Some charter bus companies will have sensors in the bus that automatically pay tolls and certain parking fees at various popular attractions, and you may be billed for these separately or as part of the overall cost of the bus. However, some may not be equipped this way and you may need to be ready to pay those tolls and fees during your trip. Be sure you ask about this so you're ready with cash or another option to pay and aren't surprised by these fees while on the road.

2. Ask if the company changes drivers after a certain length of time

Most areas will have laws about how long a commercial driver can be behind the wheel, and these laws may apply to a chartered bus. If you are hiring a bus for an especially long road trip, you may need to consider one that goes through certain terminals or depots so that you can get a change of drivers. Not only will this ensure that your bus is being driven legally but it will also ensure that you don't have a fatigued driver behind the wheel. Ask a company about these arrangements so you know you will be safe when on the road.

3. Note if alcohol and/or smoking is allowed

If you're not driving, you may assume that you can drink while on a bus but in some areas, there may be restrictions as to having any open containers of alcohol on any vehicle. On the other hand, it may be allowed depending on the size of the bus. Always ask about this if you plan on having a few beers while on the road. Many bus companies also don't allow any smoking while on board, so you may need to ask for a bus reserved for smokers or ensure you schedule enough stops for smokers to get out and stretch their legs and have a smoke while on your trip.