Symptoms of Impeding Gearbox Repairs

Being plagued by gearbox repairs will vary from one vehicle to the next. However, it is commonplace to experience these issues after a significant time of owning your car as they occur due to regular use. The severity of the gearbox problems are what will dictate whether the auto mechanic needs to service the vehicle, replace the components or rebuild it in its entirety. The good news is that gearbox repairs do not typically appear from nowhere. Your vehicle will exhibit some symptoms that would indicate there is something wrong with its transmission. Here are some of the symptoms to look out for that would indicate impending gearbox repairs.

Your gears do not shift smoothly

Changing gears should be a fluid motion. However, over time, you may notice that your car begins to resist when you are changing gears. This can be characterised by jerking or shaking when you try to move from one gear to another. With manual transmission vehicles, this can also be accompanied by clunking sounds as the gearbox has more movable components than their automatic counterparts do. When you begin experiencing some resistance as you change gears, it is best to take your vehicle for transmission servicing before the problem becomes aggravated.

Your gears are slipping

If your vehicle is at optimal performance, the transmission is supposed to remain in its designated gear. It should only change when you initiate a shift in gears. However, if you are facing gearbox problems, you will find that your gear begins to shift on its own in manual vehicles or switch to neutral in automatic vehicles. This is not only an inconvenience if you are trying to accelerate, but it also makes you a hazard on the road as you do not have full control over your car. One of the common causes of your gears slipping is if the link holding the gears together has become compromised. Either this could be through wear or it has completely broken off. A car inspection would be pertinent to ensure your car is roadworthy.

Your gears are experiencing a delay when engaging

When your car starts experiencing delayed engagement, it means there is a significant pause when you are trying to switch between gears. In automatic vehicles, you may find your car is taking much longer to switch to drive when parked. In manual vehicles, the delayed can be accompanied by a surge in RPMs in your engine, yet the vehicle is still having problems in increasing its speed. Delayed engagement is typically caused by a malfunctioning clutch. This auto part may have to be replaced rather than repaired. For more information, contact companies like Gearbox Express.