Is It Better to Rent a Moving Truck Instead of Hiring Movers?

You may be wondering whether it would be better for you to rent a moving truck for your next move or if you should hire a moving company to take charge of the moving process. Read on and discover some of the key reasons why it may not be cost-effective for you to opt for the DIY approach of renting a moving truck for your move.

The Risks of a Possible Breakdown

While rental truck companies may do everything in their power to maintain the trucks properly, there is no guarantee that the truck will not break down while you are using it. When that happens, you will be stuck on the highway until a replacement truck is dispatched to you. That delay can throw your moving schedule into disarray. Additionally, you will have the added hassle of transferring your belongings from the crippled truck into the replacement truck. This can make you spend extra money to hire people to help you to move those belongings. Using professional movers would have saved you from the inconveniences and costs of unforeseen rental truck breakdowns since the movers would be obliged to meet any added costs caused when their truck breaks down.

Possible Liability Costs

When you rent a moving truck, you become responsible for any damage that may occur to the truck while it is in your possession. You are also liable for any damage or injuries that may be caused by the truck while you are using it. You may need to buy expensive insurance cover (such as an insurance rider to cover any damage that may be caused as you back up the rental truck) to avoid incurring a hefty out-of-pocket expense to repair any damage caused as you drive the rental truck. Professional movers usually have insurance policies that cover such eventualities. It may therefore be wiser for you to hire the movers instead of buying the insurance protection yourself. Theirs may be cheaper because they could have taken advantage of the benefits of buying insurance for a fleet of moving trucks.

The High Cost of Fuel

The biggest operational cost of using a moving truck is the fuel it consumes. This cost may remain the same whether you hire professionals or go the DIY way of using a rental truck. It is therefore unlikely that you will realise significant savings by renting a truck and moving your belongings yourself.

As you can see, it may not be prudent to take the risk of hiring a rental truck instead of hiring professional movers to transport your belongings to your new home. The risks that you face may outweigh any possible benefits that may accrue.