Towing Capacity: What Is It And How It Affects Your Car

It is normal to experience the urge of helping out a friend whose car has broken down and is in dire need of some towing. After all, the process is simple and it won't take much of your time to connect your two cars with a rope, or a tow bar. But did you know that your car is at risk of suffering from extreme damages if you pull too much weight with the car? [Read More]

8 Important Tips When Renting a Car

If you are planning on renting a car, it's worth knowing a little bit about what to expect since car rentals can quickly become expensive endeavors if you are not aware of the risks. Avoid Renting a Car at the Airport Most often, airport branches for car rentals are considerably more expensive than other branches. Cheaper branches are usually located on the outskirts of towns and cities. Ask For an All-Inclusive Price [Read More]

Buying a bigger new car for your family

If you have just decided to expand your family to include some new members, it might be time to upgrade the car. With children now needing to be in boosters seats until 7 years old in most states it can start to be a very tight squeeze once you add the 3rd child to a standard sized family car. Here are some things to consider. Spacing of children ages As you need to put children under 7 years old into booster seats, it's not simply a matter of having enough seats but also ensuring that you can fit and clip all of the car seats in. [Read More]

Questions to Ask Before Chartering a Bus for a Long Trip

Chartering a bus for any type of long trip can mean spending time with your group and not worrying about managing the drive yourself. A bus can also be more comfortable for everyone, provide Wi-Fi for checking emails, and ensure that everyone in your group stays together and no one gets lost or left behind. When you're ready to charter a bus for a long trip, note a few question to ask the bus hire company (like Myaree Car Hire) so you know you make the right choice and know what to expect. [Read More]