Why Does Your Car Need to be Serviced?

For many people, car services are an expensive hassle, and while it may come as no surprise that there is some kind of logic behind their necessity, the reasons you need to get a service are interesting and diverse. The Basics A car service is detailed process, which can involve 50 or more component or system checks. Your standard service involves the replacement of hydraulic fluids (which otherwise can corrode the system from inside); checking for dangerous leaks; inspecting the battery, brake pads, steering and suspension; surveying of the level of tire tread; and replacing the coolant.

Need A New Battery In Your Caravan? Make Sure You Get the Right Kind

If you're in the market for a new caravan battery to run your on-board appliances and systems, you'll need to look at a leisure battery rather than the conventional car starter batteries. Even within the leisure battery line-up there are variations. Here are some battery basics to help you make the right choice. Difference Between Car Batteries And Leisure Batteries Car batteries are designed to deliver a high-current charge to start your engine.

3 Tips for Planning Bus Trips for Seniors

Today's senior citizens aren't like seniors of former generations.  Not all seniors are staying at home; some are getting out and being active, and enjoying a variety of activities. In fact, many communities for seniors offer all kinds of activities, including travel opportunities via bus trips. These excursions can be day trips, or extended vacations. If you are an entertainment/activities coordinator at a senior living community, you may want to consider planning a contacting a bus hire company to rent a bus that will accommodate residents and caregivers who are taking the trip.

Common Courier Services Terms You Should Know

When you're a business owner who does a lot of shipping and receiving, you will probably need to hire a courier service, like Newcastle Transport Specialists, to make your business run with more efficiency. Courier companies don't just pick up and deliver packages, they also offer a number of other services that can benefit your company. So to help you increase your understanding, here are some common courier services terms that you should know.

Easing The Stress Of Moving House: Getting Everything From Point A To Point B

There is no doubt about it: few things are more stressful in life than moving house, even if the new location is just down the street.  Often, the stress relates to the financial burden of relocating.  Aside from bond payments and doggy day-care for the family pooch, decisions need to be made over how all that furniture is going to be lumped from A to B, especially if your friends are conveniently "

Get Your Car Air Conditioner Serviced Before Summer

If your car's air conditioner just isn't cooling you down like it used to, now is the time to think about getting it serviced, repaired or replaced. Look at some of the top reasons to have your air conditioner running at optimum efficiency over summer, beyond just keeping you cool on the road. Air Conditioner Efficiency Is your air conditioner taking too long to cool down or not getting the car cool enough?

2 Major Services You Can Expect from a Windscreen Repair Company

If you've never had to visit a windscreen repair company, you probably know that they handle windscreens, but you may not know how they determine what's fixable and what needs replacement. You may also not realise that they offer other services as well that can be beneficial to your vehicle. So if you find yourself in need of a windscreen repair company, here are some of the services they can offer you.

New Smash Repair Owners—Are You Aware of Traffic Accident Reporting Changes?

As the owner of a smash repair business that has tow trucks, you will be interested to know that changes have been made to New South Wales traffic accident reporting rules. These changes mean that you can move a damaged car away from an accident scene much quicker than before. Here are the main points that you need to know. What Has Changed? Starting from 15 October, 2014, the reasons to contact the police when an accident occurs have reduced.

Check Your Hardware: Off-Road Driving Tips to Keep You on the Move

A reality with off-road driving is that your vehicle will break down. The key to successful recovery is to be as self-sufficient as possible. Every year, unprepared adventurers have to be rescued in desperate situations. A little forethought will ensure that you aren't left stranded. Payload is a major issue when outback driving. Ideally, two or more vehicles should travel together. This allows you to carry more equipment. From the back of Bourke to Cape York Peninsula, basic spare parts and accessories can help you stay mobile.

Does Your Vehicle Need a New Alternator?

There are many vehicle parts that you know exactly how long they are going to last, and you can plan for their replacements. Alternators are not among those parts. Unfortunately, you never know when your alternator is going to bite the dust, and more often than not, it tends to happen at the most inopportune times. But, there are ways to tell if your alternator is starting to go, and you can have it replaced before you end up breaking down on the side of the road somewhere.